About Us

Founded in 1974, Point Riders Press is the imprint of publications of Cottonwood Arts Foundation, a nonprofit organization that has sponsored a wide variety of arts and educational activities: exhibitions, workshops, poetry readings, a documentary film, a small theater, and cooperative events with other groups.

Point Riders Press was originally intended to publish books of cultural interest dealing with the Southwest. Soon the geographic area was redefined as the southern Great Plains, generally defined as east of the Rocky Mountains and west of the prairie and woodland region of the Middle West. Political boundary lines don't follow the geographic descriptions, but it includes western Kansas, western Oklahoma, and western Texas, along with eastern Colorado, and eastern New Mexico. For the The Point Riders Great Plains Poetry Anthology the definition was extended on north to include Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

The renegade series was not at all predictable, and the subject matter was not limited to any geographic area. The one thing about renegade is that it changes, not only subject matter, but also the format—sometimes chapbook, sometimes a double number, sometimes a poster poem/newsletter. And there was no government subsidy.